deidre-portraitRetail Details strives to be an entrepreneurial marketing company that partners with our loyal clientele to implement measurable programs achieving a return on investment.

We treat clients like they want to be treated, and empower our dedicated and business-savvy employees to deliver high standards and accountability with each project.

Fifty-something years of collective experience doesn’t mean there are 50 RetailDetails team members.  We deliver big ideas, service and success for our clients without passing along costs to cover a big overhead.  Our core team is actually comprised of many empowered professionals, some full-time, some freelance, dedicated to achieving a mutually beneficial success for our clients and us.

We believe in being part of the team.  We can direct the marketing function for properties without onsite personnel or assist property-based marketing staffs with any short- or long-term staffing assignment.  Plus, we act as an extension of corporate marketing departments on an as-needed basis.